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HK bicycle tours
HK btours


Group Tour


It’s our belief that taking one ride on HK Bike Tours, two hours a day will help anyone experience maximum stress relief. Because there’s nothing a little fresh air, great company and good times can’t cure. And that’s what you get with Group Tours.

HK btours


Family Tour

No matter the age, no matter the occasion, you’re sure to leave your bike tours feeling happier, rejuvenated and, of course … ready for Bike Tour. It's a great way to have fun and family gathering. That's why a family bike tours will improve our relationship. 

HK btours


Private Tour

Want to take in neighborhoods, sights, and culture of New  Territories on your own terms and timeline? Excited to take a spin around town, but can't make a standard bike tour time work for you and your group? A private tour of New Territories may be your answer.

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